Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Story: A Surprise for Molly

Hello, Readers! Today I have a photo story for you all about the newest girl on AGG, Molly! I hope you all like it!

One day, Kit and Ruthie were playing with their dogs and talking, when suddenly a very important topic came up.

"Did you hear about what happened to Molly?" Ruthie asked.

"No, what happened?" Kit asked curiously.

"It turns on Molly is being retired, and Molly's really disappointed. She's so disappointed, in fact, that she doesn't even like to admit that she's from the 1940s!"

"That's awful," Kit responded. "We've got to do something!"

"Like what?" Ruthie asked.

Kit stood up and said, "Get all the other girls, except for Molly, together, and I'll tell you my idea!"

Soon all the girls were gathered, and Kit explained her plan. All the dolls were so excited when they heard about it.

As soon as the conference was over, the girls got right to work.

Just when they were finished, the girls heard footsteps.
"Golly!" a voice said. It was a word the girls hadn't heard for a while.

"What is this?" Molly asked.
Kit smiled and said, "Alright girls, show it to her!"

Then a beautiful, patriotic 1940s collage appeared into Molly's eyes. It was filled with pictures and bright stars. There was a banner at the top that read, "1940s Are Great!"

Molly admired each picture, feeling very nostalgic.

"And look at the movie we have planned!" Kit said.
Molly recognized it right away, "'It's a Wonderful Life!' That's one of my favorites!"

 The girls spent the rest of the time talking about Molly's memories from the 1940s. Soon, Molly's attitude about her era changed from embarrassed to proud.

Once they were ready to watch the movie, the girls all crowded around Molly's old 1940s TV and began to watch their movie.

Everyone loved the story!

And Molly got to hold the popcorn.

  Well, I hope you all enjoyed that! I felt that Molly deserved a photo story about her once I heard of her retirement. Oh, and I have a question for all of you. What is your favorite thing about the 1940s? I personally like how everyone worked hard to help win the war! Thank you so much for reading!



myagrocks said...

That is super cute, Dakota. You can tell that you put a lot of hard work into it.

Dakota said...

Thank you, Sydney! :) It was so much fun to make! :)

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